Chevrolet Belair 1956 complete restoration

Us a Chevrolet Belair in 1956 was entrusted in first hand for the restoration. Recovered from a chicken coop you can inspect the first pictures in the link below. more>


Methanol / water injection


Since this month, we offer complete solutions in the application of methanol / water injection systems. We offer a wide range injection. For professional use or, more>

ECU software reprogramming and adjustments Chevrolet, GM

After many requests and more than one year research our team is proud to now a full service for: ECU software to offer adjustments, reprogramming and adaptation of characteristics. more>

Mopar and Ford reprogramming and adjustments

From September 2014, we also offer software adjustments and optimizations individually tailored for Ford and Mopar. more>

MEFI 3-5 Programming and diagnostics

Good news for all the joy of motor boating and GM performance injection systems, as we now also have the option to program all MEFI based systems and diagnose. more>




Six new gear oils presented the engine oil specialist MEGUIN from Saarland, complementing its range to include major high-tech products for cars and commercial vehicles. These ATF oils offer all the benefits of modern synthetic based gear lubricants. Thus, the already very successful Megol product range will be expanded product which meet the specifications of new vehicles. more>



 hot-rodPower at your fingertips

When asked we were looking for more power as so often but in this case, even if it is needed. After a few considerations such as engine construction was quickly clear that this is indeed the ideal solution, however, is not the equivalent to what was asked. So we decided to offer a nitrous oxide system. more>